Infrastructure Design for Ipswich Residential Development

1 - Social Housing Development, Ipswich

A new residential development was planned for a derelict site in Ipswich which had formerly been a local bakery. Proposed plans consisted of the construction of 48 residential properties, but several updates to the surrounding infrastructure would be required. The Civil Engineering team at J P Chick and Partners Ltd was instructed to carry out the full infrastructure design including off-site improvement works, which required a Section 278 Highway Works agreement with the local authority.

“In many cases, designs for the infrastructure surrounding a project can be fundamental to its success, not least throughout the planning application process” says Robin Crowther, Director at J P Chick & Partners Ltd. “We have to ensure that infrastructural solutions comply with all regulations and restrictions and meet the needs of the local authorities whilst being well integrated with the client’s overall development design.”

This project required a bellmouth access point with all associated road markings, as well as a new zebra crossing, and cycle lane line markings located on the main carriageway which served the development. We also introduced speed humps as a traffic calming measure and formalised the existing bus stop by adding a new shelter.