Waste Classification

If your development will generate a quantity of waste soil or demolition arisings, you have a legal duty of care to accurately classify the material prior to it being disposed of at a permitted landfill or recycling facility. This is a legal requirement and all waste should be classified in line with the Environment Agency’s ‘Technical Guidance WM3: Waste Classification – Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste’.  

Where soils and demolition waste require disposal, we provide our clients with a comprehensive service from the collection of  samples, liaison with the  analytical laboratory and the accurate assessment and classification within a detailed report. The classification of waste is important to your business so as it can ensure that all wastes are correctly classified upfront and no excessive hidden costs or project delays are incurred. A commonly held misinterpretation is that a Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) test is all that’s required for the disposal of waste soils, however the Environment Agency have made it clear that WAC analysis must NOT be used for waste classification. Inappropriate testing can result in expensive analysis costs and inaccurate soil classification.

We can ensure that your waste is accurately classified in line with the WM3 regulatory guidance through:

  • Early site investigation, designed to ensure that samples are representative of the soil to be disposed of;
  • Submission of samples and chain of custody documentation to the specialist laboratory;
  • Assessment and classification of laboratory results in accordance with current guidance;
  • Provision of a Waste Classification Report detailing:

            – Soil samples and classification as either Hazardous, Non Hazardous or Inert;

            – European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes to be assigned to the waste/s, which is a requirement on all Duty of Care

  • Waste Transfer and Consignment Notes;

            – Provision of ‘H Codes’ if the waste is classified as ‘Hazardous’ to be supplied on all Consignment Notes.

Environment Agency WM3 guidance: