Townfield Car Park, Chelmsford

SAM_1304 smallTownfield Car Park Renovation

JP Chick & Partners were appointed by Chelmsford City Council to prepare and subsequently supervise a contract for the replacement of the deck surfacing at Chelmsford’s Townfield car park.  This would include localised concrete repairs to the decks, ramps and soffits.

Sika products were used in the repairs as well as using a Sika floor product as a final surfacing. Painting of the soffits, columns and other areas were included in the contract to enable the car park to be more appealing to the car park users.

Some general crack repairs and drainage works were undertaken to the car park and stair towers as well as works to the entrance ramps and barrier areas.

Townfield car park renovation works commenced in early summer and were completed ahead of time with a contract period of 8 weeks.