Sustainable Drainage

Sustainable Drainage Design (SUDS)

All residential and commercial developments are required to consider their potential impact on the local hydrology in order to minimise the risk of surface water flooding.

The main aim of sustainable drainage is to manage the surface water discharge rate from the development and where possible replicate the greenfield run-off rate.

With smaller sites this might be achieved through the use of permeable paving or soakaways, however with sites in excess of 1 hectare, Environment Agency planning advice requires the completion of an FRA (flood risk assessment), accompanied by a design for a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS). The purpose of the FRA is to explore the potential impact of any additional areas of hard standing on post development rates of surface water run-off.

Where infiltration based solutions are proposed, we are able to carry out infiltration testing to BRE365 and design features using specialist software.

Sustainable drainage systems may include the following:

  • Soakawys
  • Swales
  • Attenuation tanks
  • Hydrobrakes
  • Ponds
  • Infiltration basins