Riverside Car Park, Chelmsford

Riverside Car ParkJP Chick & Partners were commissioned by Chelmsford City Council to undertake a feasibility study on the possibility of installing an additional deck over the existing Riverside Car Park in Chelmsford that currently allows around 265 cars to park at ground level.

A limited site investigation was undertaken to determine the ground conditions as the car park is adjacent to the River Chelmer. The investigation identified piling to be the likely foundation solution, this solution would support the required column loads from further additional storeys.

It was therefore feasible to consider additional storeys of car parking utilising the new columns for 2 or 3 additional parking levels. This would be cost effective.

Various alternative forms of construction were reviewed together with differing materials. Both concrete and steel frames were considered with alternative parking layouts. It was concluded that a two storey extension would be the best value for money and improve the current parking availability.

An additional 150 parking spaces would be achievable for the single storey level and a further 125 car parking spaces for the two storey level.  A third storey could not be justified due to the nature of the surrounding environment.