Pre Planning

Areas specifically covered by JPC Environmental Services are:

 Contaminated Land

In many cases Brownfield sites have been investigated or assessed by the vendor in preparation for sale.  In such cases we assess and interpret these reports to brief our client of site conditions, identify any inadequacies or need for further investigation and possible impact on the proposed development.  If these reports are not available JPC Environmental Services can undertake all necessary phases of investigation – desk study, intrusive investigation, remediation method statement and validation.

 Flood Risk assessment (FRA)

By utilising online resources and our detailed knowledge of planning guidance, we can establish the likely level FRA required – screening study, scoping study or detailed study.

Where developers are seeking to achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes, we supply a tailored FRA and drainage report to satisfy the Code’s requirements (SUR 1 and SUR 2).

Drainage statements supported by utility searches

As the drainage network in many urban areas is close to capacity, local planning authorities require developers to show that they are fully aware of local limitations and that they have fully considered how their development’s surface and foul water will be managed.  To support the application we can supply:  – drainage statements, indicative drainage layouts, infiltration testing to BRE365, and detailed drainage design.

Geotechnical Investigation

We can design and undertake bespoke investigations tailored to individual site requirements.  Qualified and experienced staff routinely undertake and supervise a wide range of investigations, from hand excavated boreholes and trial pits to mechanically excavated trial pits and deep percussive boreholes.