High Chelmer Multi-Storey Car Park – Phase I

PC150028smallJ P Chick & Partners, were appointed by Chelmsford City Council, to initially undertake a condition survey of High Chelmer Multi-Storey Car Park (1026 spaces, 13 levels). The Survey identified localised concrete spalling due to expansive corrosion of the reinforcement bars. Following further tests on the car park’s concrete ramps and supports, it was agreed to undertake a comprehensive renovation programme within the shortest time scale possible.

A contractor was appointed under a negotiated contract to complete a phased refurbishment of the car park. The target was to have the car park fully opened before the busy Christmas period and within 9 months from our first commission.

Large areas of the concrete decks and ramps were cut out using hydro-demolition (ultra-high pressure water jets) for speed and reduced vibration. These areas were replaced with 120 tonnes of a flowable micro-concrete repair mortar. Corrosion inhibitors and sacrificial anodes, were also installed to combat the high levels of chloride present in the concrete.

High Chelmer car park decks were then waterproofed and finished in a range of colours, to differentiate between pedestrian and vehicle user areas.  This made the car park more user-friendly, safer and more aesthetically pleasing. The soffits and columns were cleaned of contaminants using a jet washing process before being repaired using a high build concrete mortar and coated with an anti-carbonation material.