Construction Design Management – CDM 2015 Duties

Construction Design Management – CDM 2015

The CDM 2015 regulations place specific duties on clients, designers and contractors to plan their approach to health and safety for their project . These regulations apply throughout the life of a construction project, from its inception to its subsequent final demolition and removal.

Our qualified service is tailored to meet the needs  of CDM duty holders.  As part of our aim to ensure excellence in customer service, our CDM team will build a strong relationship with each duty holder and will be on-hand to offer relevant advice and guidance throughout each stage of the construction project.

CDM 2015 implemented on 6th April 2015 – All Projects (commercial & domestic) requiring more than one contractor will require the appointment of a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor. A quick Client’s guide is available here.

All projects that will take over 30 days working days and more than 20 workers or involve 500 person days to complete, will require notification to the HSE.

Domestic Client duties are passed to the Principal Contractor and or the Principal Designer.

We can undertake the following: