CDM Client Advisor

Client Advisor

Under CDM 2015 the Client role has changed to become more onerous.  The Client has more duties under the regulations, unlesss they are a domestic client.  Domestic clients duties pass automatically to the Principal Contractor/Contractor, unless they have appointed a Designer in writing.

Set out below is a summary of the tasks to be undertaken.

  • Gather initial pre-construction information for designers
  • Advise if further surveys or investigations are required
  • Attend first design meeting – insist on the setting up of a risk register by the Principal Designer
  • Ensure that the Principal Designer is undertaking his duties
  • Review Principal Designer’s pre-construction information to ensure regulations fulfilled
  • Review construction phase plan from Principal Contractor
  • Attend pre-contract meeting
  • Issue the F10 if required to HSE
  • Visit the site on a monthly basis to review and monitor health & safety reporting to the client

JPC CDM services can assist all Clients.