Bramleys, Suffolk – Accidental Release of Heating Oil

Accidental Release of Heating Oil

Bramley’s is a semidetached bungalow which had recently had a new oil tank installed, although the fuel line connecting the tank with the boiler had not been replaced.  The home owner began noticing an oily smell outside the house he then touched the pipe and discovered that oil was leaking.  As the oil had penetrated the wall of the property, he reported  the incident to his insurance company.  As a result we were instructed to investigate the extent of the damage and make recommendations on the clean up operation.  The investigation involved digging boreholes inside and outside the property to collect soil samples and produce a detailed report on the findings.

The migration of the oil was found to be up to 4.0m below the bungalow and the neighbouring property.  Sections of brickwork and an area of the kitchen floor had to be removed and replaced.  However, because of the extent of the oil plume it was not possible to remove all the contaminated soil.  A specialist remedial contractor (Soilutions) was employed to undertake in-situ remediation.  This comprised a combination of chemical oxidation and vapour extraction.